21 and 22 March



A daring, precarious, warm and tender show

Many people have experienced the toughness, the physical effort and the personal challenges taken to absurd lengths. In Rudo a man constructs towers and figures with heavy wooden boxes. Driven by his sheer determination and enthusiasm the artist clambers up his frail constructions in a precarious balancing act. Live music (violin and cello) provides a lyrical counterbalance to the character’s titanic efforts, as he groans and sweats and tries not to fall in his delirium.

The spectators find themselves trapped inside a personal space, on a stand that seems to be about to fall down (like the performer with his balancing act). This closeness to the stage is an invitation to share life’s dangers and desires.

Manolo Alcántara is an intuitive, self-taught artist and his work is fruit of the search for a personal, distinctive kind of circus. Since creating Genuinos imperfectos in 2001, he has directed and performed in two other shows of his own, Locomotivo in 2005 and Plecs in 2010.

Creation and direction Manolo Alcántara, Xavier Erra
Performers Manolo Alcántara, Laia Rius (violin), Maria Bou (cello)
Music composition and direction Clara Peya
Technical direction Luis Nevado
Set design Xavier Erra
Lighting design Luis Nevado
Construction of puppet Nartxi (Txo Titelles)
Costumes and characterisation Rosa Solé
Photography David Molina

Production Manolo Alcántara
Production support La Destil·leria
Co-production Grec 2014 Festival de Barcelona
With the collaboration of La Sala, L’Estruch – Fàbrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu de Sabadell


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