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PROTO (SN1806)

October, 26 and 27

Taking the phenomenon of supernovas as a starting point, this piece seeks to understand how we are conditioned by experiences of heat, explosion, the visibility of the different layers of which we are composed, luminosity, death, enrichment of space and the formation of new systems. PROTO (SN1806) studies how to make it possible to generate luminous and less catastrophic collective spaces and create new ways of being in community, in a defence of the strength of the collective. This work is an open proposal that will be created through different, undetermined capsules.

Since 2007, dancer, performer and choreographer Janet Novás has been developing her own projects, with a work that she constructs based on observation, experience and dialogue with her body as the main tool. She has received awards such as the El Ojo Crítico 2021 for dance from RNE, the Premi de la Crítica Catalana 2021 for best dancer and the Injuve 2011 for stage performances. Her creations have been presented at national and international festivals such as Rencontres Chorégraphiques, Festival de Marseille, Festival Nouvelles-Pole Sud, Cement Festival, Danza en Tránsito, Festival de Otoño and the BAD Festival, among others. Novás also teaches at different centres in Spain, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Direction Janet Novás / Performers Yuantao Gorriz, Julia Kayser, Danielle Mesquita / Dramaturgy Ricardo Santana / Acompanyament artístic Pablo Lilienfeld / Sound design Carlos Parra, Julián D’Avino, Pablo Lilienfeld / Light design Cristina Bolívar / Costume Buj Studio / ProductionAdriana Reyes
Coproduction Janet Novás in coproduction with la Xunta de Galicia through  Centro Coreográfico Gallego, Festival TNT (Terrassa), Auditorio de Tenerife / With the support Graner fábrica de creació (resident artist), Centro de Danza Canal, Los Dedae, La Caldera