January 3, 4, 5,11 and 12


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With 24 years of history, Aracaladanza, led by Enrique Cabrera, is a real benchmark in the creation of shows for children and youths that also appeal to adults. In its new production Play, the company uses play to develop its fascinating universe, in which the magic created with choreography, light, costumes and set design transforms reality.

Concept and direction Enrique Cabrera / Choreography Aracaladanza / Performers Elena García Sánchez, Jorge Brea Salgueiro, Raquel de la Plaza Húmera, Jonatan de Luis Mazagatos, Jimena Trueba Toca / Choreography assistents Raquel de la Plaza Húmera, Jimena Trueba Toca / Original music composition Luis Miguel Cobo / Others musics J. S. Bach / P. I. Tchaikovski / Stage set and costume design Elisa Sanz  (AAPEE) / Lighting design Pedro Yagüe (AAI) / Stage video design Álvaro Luna (AAI) / Assistant video design Elvira Ruiz Zurita (AAI) / Tap – dance choreography John O´Brien / Crafting props and dogs’masks Ricardo Vergne / Crafting costumes Sandra Calderón – Ángeles Marín / Crafting stage sets Mambo Decorados / Wigs Mauro Gastón / Sofa making Miguel Ángel Infante / Photography Pedro Arnay / Executive producer Arantza Izaguirre Fradua / Production and press design Javier Torres Ochandiano / National Distribution Alberto Muyo García / Tour coordination Arantza Izaguirre – Marisa Bas / International Distribution Ana Sala – Ikebanah Artes Escénicas

Una Horeta Abans: every day


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Season: 2019-2020

January 3, 4, 5,11 and 12

18 h (Sunday 12 h)

Sala MAC

16 (under 14, 8 €)


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