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Aquí, ahora, by NACHO RICCI

oximoron - Nacho Ricci

Length: 7 minutes

Nacho Ricci is a multidisciplinary acrobat specialised in vertical rope. He was born in Argentina, grew up in Mexico and then returned to Argentina to finish his training at La Arena. He now lives in Barcelona.

A rope hanging from a height of eight metres. A blindfold acrobat coming off the rope as if he was about to fall. He moves his body along this rope to the beat of the music, harmoniously creating complicated positions of strength and flexibility. Gripping with his toes he climbs the rope again and again, making something difficult look easy.

Choreography and performance Nacho Ricci / Composition Nacho López / Performance Clara Peya  (Piano)/ Tanja Haupt (Saxo) / Nacho López (Percussion) / Costumes Ingrid Bolaño Guivernau, Laura Aragón / Outside view Nadine O’Garra/ Elia Pérez/ Leandro Mendoza




Oximoron - Los Corcoles

Length: 25 minutes

Gris (Grey) is a small-format circus dance show made up of gesture and visual poetry. A tightrope solo with a theatre dance approach. A personal, delicately woven story for all ages.

Onstage, the structure of an iron bridge and a character alone in his solitude. An interval of waiting and hope, time that goes by, making an impact. The bridge, a road, a path, a journey and a horizon where La Corcoles takes shelter from the rain. Greys, the vastness of the shades between the extremes, the constant adjustments before achieving a balance. Gris is the interval, the point of suspension. The arrival, terra incognita.

Creation and direction: Andrés Melero / Performance: Mariona Moya / Structure: Josep Sebastià, Taller Lagarto / Scenography: Andrés Melero and Mariona Moya / Photos, graphics, video and web: Pau Moya / Music arrangements: Gerard Sánchez Baus / Technician – stage hand: Andrés Melero / Costumes: Mariona Moya / Support: Celrà Town Council – Can Cors, Faktoria d’Arts Escèniques de Celrà /Acknowledgements: Julià Lopez, Dani Bartomeu and Cia. Estampades


Oximoron - Animal Religion

Lenght: 8 minutes

A character who transforms the stage into an animalarium, trying to control his animal instincts. A show that reveals the uncontainable force that we all have inside us, which connects us with our deepest animal nature. Transgenic bodies, handstands, acrobatics with heels, spoons in the nose, rooster fights and ritual dances. Welcome to my world!

Niklas Blomberg (Finland) / Rope, acro dance, piano, electronic music and body percussion / Quim Giron (Catalonia). He searches for balance, sound, the clown, mushrooms, animal movement and astronomy. He is inspired by the boundaries of gender  and animality

INDOMADOR from Animal Religion on Vimeo.



Useful information

Season: 2013-2014

10:30 pm

Sala MAC


Running time: 45-60'


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