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April 6 & 7
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This show reflects the essence of the Wang Ramirez duo and is the portrait of a new urban, mobile and intercultural generation. In Monchichi, the dancers choose their artistic language with the same freedom they choose a life partner, even if he or she speaks another language… or several other languages.

Honji’s movements are graceful, full of Asian musicality, and Sébastien’s contribute Mediterranean vitality. Together they shape Monchichi in the same way as they build their life together: with a perfect balance of masculinity and femininity.

Created in 2011, the piece has been on a very successful non-stop world tour. The show is full of humour and self-disdain, a joint self-portrait that illustrates everyday life with equal doses of humour and poetry. Winner of numerous prizes and with major international projection (Madonna requested the company’s involvement in her 2015/2016 world tour), the Wang Ramirez dance company is formed by Honji Wang (German with Korean roots) and Sébastien Ramirez (French B-boy with Catalan roots). These cultural origins have given rise to a dance company that develops research into and the co-existence of different choreographic and artistic languages. Definitions? Technical virtuosity, poetry, humour and questioning of human identities.

Artistic direction, conception, choreography, dance Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez / Dramaturgy Vincent Rafis / Lighting design Cyril Mulon / Set design Ida Ravn / Costumes Honji Wang / Composer Ilia Koutchoukov alias Everydayz/+∞ / Arrangement Fabien Biron / Additional music Carlos Gardel, Alva Noto, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis / Producer Dirk Korell / Executive producer Compagnie Wang Ramirez, Clash66 / Production manager & bookings Manon Martin production@wangramirez.com / Communication Claudia Tanus / Administration Corinne Aden / Technical director Cyril Mulon

Co-production Act’art – Conseil général de Seine-et-Marne; Le Théâtre*/Narbonne National Stage; Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines (Fondation de France – Parc de la Villette with the support of Caisse des Dépôts et l’Acsé); Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf; Communauté de Communes de la Région Lézignanaise / With the support of Conseil régional Languedoc-Roussillon; Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate Occitanie; Hebbel am Ufer – HAU, Berlin; Hauptstadtkulturfonds – Senat Berlin; Casa Musicale Perpignan; Association Départementale de Développement de la Musique et de la Danse de l’Aude; Réseau en Scène Languedoc-Roussillon / With thanks to Dansens Hus Stockholm
Company Wang Ramirez – Clash66 receives a structural support by Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate Occitanie, by Regional council Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée and by County council Pyrénées Orientales.
The company receives support from the Fondation BNP Paribas for the development of its projects. Sébastien Ramirez & Honji Wang are artists associated to the Théâtre de l’Archipel, Perpignan National Stage for the 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons.

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