October 26 & 27


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This piece by García Ferro speaks of the continuous unfolding of each being and each of his steps, the conversion of each real body into the multiplicity of the representational body. And the need to make the real body coexist with the apparent body is also explored. This is achieved by drawing on the myth of the nymph Echo and her relationship with Narcissus, a tragic encounter that ends in deadlock, at an impasse.

Sebastián García Ferro is an Argentinean choreographer, dancer, performer and composer based in Barcelona. He has directed his own company since 1999 and staged nineteen pieces, winning awards that include first prize for the best choreography at the 2007 Maspalomas Competition. Over the last few years he has received several commissions for large pieces. These include Versus 0.2 for the Compañía Nacional de Danza Contemporánea de Argentina, Orquestrat for the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the TOTDANSA Project in 2011 and 2012.

Idea and choreography Sebastián García Ferro
Creation and performance Sol Vázquez
Dramaturgy Víctor Molina
Lighting design Israel Quintero
Original music Sebastián García Ferro
Double bass Apostol Kosev
Mix & mastering Santiago García Ferro
Photo and vídeo  Tristan Pérez Martín
Production Marcela Imazio

Production La Caldera
With the support GRANER fàbrica de creació

Created in the framework of the European project modul-dance, supported by the EU Culture Programme

Symon Pédícrí, by DIEGO ANIDO

Symon Pédícrí is not a typical ventriloquist show. Symon Pédícrí: self-taught surgeon of enormous talent, heir to the scientific legacy of the Pédícrí (former horse breeders), who wanted to go a step further by creating a new being that would surpass his own image and likeness, born nine months, nine days and 16 hours after the death of another Symon Pédícrí – his brother and namesake, whose shadow he fights all his life, knowing that his other self had to die so that his parents could conceive him.

Diego Anido, born in Santiago de Compostela in 1976, lives and works in Barcelona. From 2005 to 2009 he was a resident artist with the areaTANGENT creative platform, where El Alemán and Cucaracha were produced, shows based on dark, solitary characters in everyday surroundings as sinister as they are comical. He is also a member of Raravis and Agrupación Sr. Serrano, with whom he has toured all over Spain and Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Brazil, China and Switzerland.

Original idea and direction Diego Anido
Authors Diego Anido, Jorge Acebo
Assessor in antimatter Pablo Rosal
Performance Diego Anido

With the support of GRANER, Fàbrica de creació



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Season: 2013-2014

October 26 & 27


Sala PB


Running time: 40' + 20'


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