October 19 and 20


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Piano and Dancer is an interactive duo for a dancer and a mechanical piano. Special technology was developed for this piece in order to transform the body movement into music, the result of deep research carried out at the Stocos Institute in conjunction with the Institute for Computer and Sound Technology at Zurich University of Arts. This technology allows the transformation of the dancer’s movements into the mechanical movements of the piano, revealing through this accompaniment intimate aspects of the choreography that are usually concealed from the spectators. In this way the mechanical piano becomes an instrument for translating the expressive qualities of dance into sound structures in real time. At the same time, it amplifies the presence and the bodily awareness of the dancer.

Piano & Dancer is a reflection on the relationship between sound creation and choreographic art and the ability of technology to establish links – apparently inexistent – between these two disciplines.

Choreography Muriel Romero / Music Pablo Palacio / Performance Muriel Romero / Software and interactive technology Pablo Palacio, Daniel Bisig, Infomus Casa Paganini / Lighting Juan Carlos Gallardo
Production Stocos Institute / Supported by the European Union H2020, Community of Madrid, INAEM, La Casa Encendida, Unterwegs Theater (Heidelberg, Germany), Infomus Casa Paganini-University of Genova (Italy) and Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of Zurich (Switzerland)


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Season: 2018-2019

October 19 and 20

20:30 h

Sala PB

6 €

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