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El Jardí

October 13 to 15

A Garden only appears when it is tended, watered and pruned.
A Garden only appears when bodies, space, light and shadow are planted and plotted with true love.

This creation is part of El Jardí (The Garden), trilogy inspired by Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, and with which La Taimada makes a devout impact by showing a fragile, broken and proud humanity that does not need to conceal its abilities, or its faults, or its omnivorous and perpetual need for love. A visual and conceptual search that focuses on diversity, where a group of more than 30 people embody an immaterial and living landscape. With the sum of their singularities, they formulate a human garden that immolates the body to the pleasure of loving, to the pleasure of being the flesh inside the garden, inside the lost Eden, inside the green of the world. A garden that shows a humanity that is complex but absolutely alive.

La Taimada is a dance company that explores new scenographic formats based on corporal expression and movement, directed by Olga Álvarez – winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Dansacat 2022 Awards – and Jordi Cabestany. Its ideology and its work are based on a sombre place of delicate simplicity – human vulnerability, pursuing and presenting two concepts that are both opposite and close: fragility and beauty. Since 2014, La Taimada’s imaginary has included a constant search for images, concentrating the body and the stage as an organic whole, to build dreamlike and symbolic worlds that speak of the lights and shadows of human nature.

On stage PPPeter Zelei, Vasilis Maltampes, Juan Pablo Repetto, Cristóbal Santa María Cea , Raül Moreno, Xavier Duacastilla , Desirée Cascales Xalma, Patricia Carmona, Daniel Caballero, Isabel Palomeque, Manel Àvila, Mila Pascua, Ginés Bolívar, Ihune Barbadillo, Victor González, Osvaldo Cibils, Isidre Rosich, Clio Van Kerm, Helena Gómez, Laura Matamoros, Laia Soria, Paula March, Asun Sanz, Tomeu Llopis, Catalina Varela, Jordi Mestre, Victòria Lisbona, Sylvie Le Roux, Paola Busso, Fèlix Casanellas Berges, Swapnil Kulkarni, Oskar Luko, Silvia Pujades, Vicente López, Joan Calvete, George Azenabor, Isaac González, Gisela Gracia, Glòria Navarro, Marina Sparrowe,  Alba Salado, Fernando Unzueta, Pamela Raddatz, David Monteagudo Álvarez, Pascal Monteagudo Martí, Jordi Ciurana/ Concept and direction Olga Álvarez, Jordi Cabestany / Movement Olga Álvarez with all the participaiting people / Musical composition Carlos Martorell / Set and light design Cube.bz / Costume design La Taimada / Costume making Laura Azuaga / Executive production Helena Febrés / Technical production Hèctor Boada / Production direction Pau Estrem
Coproduction Mercat de les Flors, La Taimada / With the collaboration Graner fàbrica de creació, Fabra i Coats fàbrica de creació, Terrassa Arts Escèniques, Teatro Pradillo, Danseu Festival, Ajuntament de Vilafranca – Cal Bolet, El Canal centre de creació d’arts escèniques de Salt.
This show has been conceived and created over the course of four years through various movement and research workshops in which, in total, more than 150 people with motor diversity have participated. All of them, as well as the artistic direction of the show, participate in this project on an unpaid basis.
From La Taimada, we are deeply grateful for the involvement of all the people who actively participate on stage as well as those who have accompanied us throughout the process, overcoming the exasperating impasse of the pandemic thanks to their passion, dedication and desire to overcome, to embody this GARDEN.