March, 15th

EDUARDO FUKUSHIMA Como superar o grande cansaço?, Entre Contenções


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We present three solos created and performed by Eduardo Fukushima, choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Sao Paolo since 2004. His works have been presented in Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, England, Italy, Cyprus and Taiwan. In 2012 he appeared at the World Event Young Artists Festival in Nottingham (UK). In 2012 and 2013 he was selected to take part as a protégé (student) on the programme of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative and worked with Lin Hwai-min, artistic director of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre in Taiwan.

Since 2005 he has practiced Oriental body techniques such as seitai-ho from Japan and chi-kung from China. He has also studied classical ballet, Brazilian dance, capoeira angola, release technique, contact improvisation, Indian dance and artistic gymnastics.

Como superar o grande cansaço? (How to Overcome the Great Tiredness?)
A great weariness. In time. In the air.
From the tiredness comes movement, body language, harnessing exhaustion as a power from which to move. The work explores the building of gesture and intention within specific qualities of movement, reaching a body state that both develops and exists in real time. It is the existential tiredness and the movement that prompt the question posed by the title, and a body language is developed without making any pretence of finding an answer. Eduardo Fukushima.

Eduardo embraces rawness and performs as if a punishing, urban world has invaded his body and is in disharmony with itself. He slams himself against the floor, pushes his head against a wall. The small theatres in which he usually appears become arenas for ordeal.” (Deborah Jowitt in the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Magazine, October 2013)

Artistic direction and performance Eduardo Fukushima
Music composition Felipe Ribeiro, Eduardo Fukushima
Artistic collaboration Beatriz Sano, Key Sawao, Julia Rocha
Lighting Hideki Matsuka, Eduardo Fukushima
Costumes Eduardo Fukushima
Production Carolina Goulart
Photography Inês Correa
The choreographic research for this piece was sponsored by the 2009/2010 Rumos Itaú Cultural Dança programme.
Acknowledgements Sônia Sobral, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC)

Entre Contenções (Between Contentions)
Entre Contenções is a short dance piece based on three simple gestures that unfold in space. This solo is a non-verbal statement, raw and harsh. Among the moments of confrontation there are possibilities for communication.

Artistic direction and performance Eduardo Fukushima
Artistic collaboration Key Sawao, Ricardo Iazzetta, Daniel Fagundes
Production Carolina Goulart
Lighting design Hideki Matsuka, Eduardo Fukushima
Costumes Eduardo Fukushima
Photography Inês Correa
This piece was developed as part of the Key Zetta & Company project “10 solos e Reverberações”, Funarte Klauss Vianna Prize in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Many thanks to Ana Elisa Carramaschi, Beatriz Sano, Julia Rocha and Luana Minari



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Season: 2014-2015

March, 15th


Sala MAC


Running time: 30'+18'


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