Thursday, 21st of May



Belén Maya has often been the guest artist and so it was quite clear that this time she should be the hostess. And this is what she has done: invite some of the artists she most admires in order to compose original pieces with them and go deeper into her personal style, into her way of understanding and feeling flamenco dance. Los invitados is a celebration with Belén Maya and some of the most important names in flamenco today. Celebration and sorrow because flamenco is about life, it is life, and in life festivity and sorrow follow on from each other, mingle and merge, just as dance, singing and the guitar do onstage. In the end it is the public who are the real guests at the celebration.

Belén Maya has built her career on her constant drive to explore and go deeper into the whole network of active parts that make up the language of dance: music, stage, narrative, acting, drama, language and so on, until coming to the last and most important keystone of this structure created for thinking and communication: the human beings who create it. Belén Maya was arguably the first artist to revise the codes of flamenco dance at the turn of the century, not by adding new rules, but by freeing it from its limitations, enabling flamenco to coexist alongside other languages and, ultimately, opening the floodgates of lexical, syntactic and semantic freedom to dance and the stage.


Dance Belén Maya i Patricia Guerrero (artista invitada)
Singing José Valencia (artista invitado) / Tomás de Perrate (artista invitado) / José Anillo (artista invitado) i  Gema Caballero
Guitars Javier Patino i Rafael Rodríguez
Clapping Marina Valiente i Vanesa Montero
Actor Javier Centeno
Costume Andrés González
Original Music Javier Patino
Video Rocío Huertas
Light Design Manuel Colchero (con la colaboración de Antonio Valiente)
Coreographic Assistment Juan Carlos Lérida
Coreography Belén Maya / Patricia Guerrero (de su pieza) / Belén Maya, Manuel Liñán y Chloe Brulé (cantiñas)
Director’s assistant Marilia Samper
Dramaturgy and scene direction David Montero
Artistic direction Belén Maya y David Montero

Atrezzo Antonio Estrada
Shoes Artefyl
Costume Andrés González y Amay Flamenco
Lights Manuel Colchero / Antonio Valiente
Sound Ángel Olalla
Comunication Manuel Moraga
Distribution Pablo Leira
Production’s assistant José Navarro / Patricia Vera
Direction of production Guiomar Fernández Troncoso

It’s a production of Company Belén Maya

Distribuye Endirecto FT S.L.

We have reserved seats for people who use wheelchairs. Please, contact us at so we can guarantee good care



Useful information

Season: 2014-2015

Thursday, 21st of May


Sala MAC


Running time: 1h 30'


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