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Bosque Ardora

Rocío Molina, with the help of two dancers and six musicians, transports us to a chimeric grove where an ambiguous, dangerous game is unleashed, a struggle for dominance where the deepest animal instincts emerge raw and naked. Atavistic and irrational impulses reveal the absurdity of human behaviour. In this universal conflict, the performance changes it nature, the unreal becomes clear and the game inevitably becomes drama.

2010 became a key year in the career of Rocío Molina when she obtained the National Dance Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture in the category of performance, for “her contribution to the renewal of flamenco and her versatility and strength as a performer capable of handling the most diverse registers with freedom and courage … “.

We have seen her several times at the Mercat in the cycle “Flamenco Empírico”, and in 2012 with her latest show Afectos, accompanied by Rosario la Tremendita.

A dancing prodigy, brought up alongside renowned Spanish choreographers, Molina parades her art at the most prestigious international venues: the National Theatre de Chaillot in Paris, Sadler’s Wells in London, the Lincoln Centre in New York and the Esplanade in Singapore.

Rocío Molina Dance
Eduardo Guerrero Dance
Fernando Jiménez Dance
Eduardo Trassierra Guitar
José Ángel Carmona cante and electric bass
José Manuel Ramos – “Oruco” Palmas y compás
Pablo Martín Jones Bass  and electronic
José Vicente Ortega Trombone
Agustín Orozco Trombone

Rocío Molina
Coreography,artistic and musical direction
Mateo Feijoo Dramaturgy, artistic direction and video script
Rosario “la Tremendita” Musical direction, composition and arrangements for cante
Eduardo Trassierra Original composition and arrangements for  trombones
Dorantes Original composition for trombones of the piece Mandato

Pablo Martín Caminero Composition of trombones passage
Carlos Marquerie Lights design
Pablo Martín Jones Sound space’s desing
Maite Dono Lyrics
Josep Ahumada Realization of costume of Rocío Molina
Soledad Seseña Estilism
Gallardo Shoes
Oscar Villegas  Actoral Formation
Rafael Gavalle y Alain Scherer Photography
Gerard Gil y David Fernández Record and edition of the videographic material
Rafael Hernández Teacher of Rocío Molina – Riding Classes

COPRODUTION Danza Molina S.L. •  Biennale de la Danse de Lyon • Festival de Marseille Danse et Arts multiples • Théâtre National de Chaillot • Théâtre de l’Olivier / Régie Culturelle Scènes et Cinés Ouest Provence • Festival Internacional Madrid en Danza • Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona • Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla •  Théâtre de Nîmes – Scène Conventionnée pour la Danse Contemporaine • Ballet National de Marseille • Théâtre de Villefranche

Rocío Molina is an associated artist of  Teatro Nacional de Chaillot


We have reserved seats for people who use wheelchairs. Please, contact us at publics@mercatflors.cat so we can guarantee good care