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Bombyx Mori

November 4 and 5
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    16 €

  • Schedule

    Dissabte a les 21 h, diumenge a les 20 h

  • Room

La Poderosa brings Hacer Historia(s) to the Mercat, a series that wants to look back in time because of the need and the desire to re-construct the past through its own eyes: BODY, MEMORY, RECORD, transmission, history. In this context we find a revision by the international choreographer Ola Maciejewska, who works with the desire to record and experiment in order to recreate one of the most important choreographers of the twentieth century, Loie Fuller. Fuller was a North American dancer, actress, producer and writer, noted for her special interest in visual effects.

Ola Maciejewska presents Bombyx Mori, where she looks at movement as a result of the interactions between the body and things (lights, materials, sound). She employs three dancers to explore the limits of human capacity and the capacity of objects in action. By way of a complementary activity, there will be a public conversation between Ola Maciejewska and the dramaturge and dance theorist Roberto Fratini.

Conception Ola Maciejewska / Developpement and interpretation Amaranta Velarde Gonzalez, (Keyna Nara) Maciej Sado & Ola Maciejewska / Sound creation Alberto Novello / Light creation, technical direction Rima Ben Brahim / Costume realisation Valentine Solé / Production Élodie Perrin / Thanks to Thomas Laigle in helping to conceive the original sound and light arrangements
With support from the Hermès Foundation within the framework of the programme New Settings.
Co-production Ménagerie de verre – Paris (FR), LE CN D un centre d’art pour la danse (FR), Productiehuis Rotterdam (NL), Veem House for Performance (NL), Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie in the frame of « Artiste associé » program / With the kind support of Vivarium Studio, Nanterre-Amandiers – Centre Dramatique National. With thanks to ICK Amsterdam, Judith Schoneveld, Nienke Scholts.
Ola Maciejewska is associated artist at Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie.

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