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Bogumer (or Lunacharski sons)

April 16 to 18
  • Season


  • Duration

    70 minutes

  • Rate

    16 €



  • Schedule

    20 h (dg 18 h)

  • Room

An inclusive and intergenerational dance-theatre show, the result of Vero Cendoya’s long experience in dance with groups with functional diversity. This piece tells us a real story about the trial of God conducted by Anatoly Lunacharsky in Russia in the early 20th century, after the triumph of the Communist Revolution, told with the humour and poetics that are the company’s hallmarks.

Idea and direction Vero Cendoya / Dramaturgy Israel Solà, Vero Cendoya / Performers Natalia d’Annunzio, Linn Johansson, Laia Martí Santiago, Jem Prenafeta, Carlos Fernández, Hansel Nezza, Anna Barrachina / Music Adele Madau / Scenic space an light design Cube.bz / Sound space David Solans / Costume designer Pau Aulí / Direction assistant Laura Alcalá / Costume assistant  Oriol Corral / Rhythmic gymnastic choreography  Isabel Tapias / Photography Kiku Piñol / Photography assistant Dani Pujalte / Theater manager Ivonne Papell / Construction scenography Kike Blanco
Production Albert Baldomà and Lídia Serrat / Administration Joan Fabregat / Management Biel Martínez in collaboration with Fani Benages /  International Management Assistance Biel Martinez Thanks to Mili García, Raphael Holzer, Jordi Barrachina, Sandra Carrau, Ester Nadal, Rai Borrell, Rafató Teatre, Complex Esportiu de Tarragona / With the support ICEC and Mercat de les Flors

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