November 26th

JAIME CONDE-SALAZAR SÂLMON<. Conference/Presentation 'Desposesión en el origen. Una invocación a la danza del futuro'



DESPOSESIÓN EN EL ORIGEN. UNA INVOCACIÓN A LA DANZA DEL FUTURO (Dispossession on origin. An invocation to the dance of the future)

Throughout the last year, Jaime Conde wrote a series of articles under the general title La danza del futuro (The dance of the future), which were later published on the Graner’s blog. The text was slowly built, without a previously established plan. Writing headed the process. Thus, one thing led to another and, curiously enough, in the end ten articles accumulated. Now the whole text is published in the form of a small book. It is a way of giving back the writing to the world, to free it from its origin and to leave it travel whenever it wants. It is now the time to get rid of the unnecessary and to come back to some sort of dispossession that may be useful as a departure point. To do this, we have to appeal to what is to come or, maybe in other words, to invoke the dance of the future.

Residency Graner
Resident GRANER



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November 26th


Auditorium Institut del Teatre


Running time: 50 minutes


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