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Mariachi 17 (2009). Video

April 25 to 28 & 30
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    De 17h a 22h (proyección continua)

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Mariachi 17 is a video project that lasts 25 minutes, filmed in a single shot by three dancers and responds to the concept of “body operator” developed by La Ribot. The “operator body” shows an image that is the result of the movement, an intentionality that is not guided by the eye but rather by the arm that directs the camera, which is going on between the hands of the dancers. And the difference is perceived in the image of the legs, the clothes and especially the handwriting that sketch the bodies, their rhythm, their weight and their attention. With a heterogeneous scenery filled with various elements that play with the stairs and provoke images of the trompe-l’œil type, Mariachi 17 is finally revealed as a unique, almost perfect, surprising composition that softens the public’s eyes without submerging it in chaos A work that breaks down the concept of space, which forces an imaginary dance with the invisible body and penetrates into the construction mechanism.