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JazzBetween Experience: concert-performance-party

December 15
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    5 €

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    December 15

JazzBetween Experience, directed by Marina Pravkina, is a new format of theatre stage-based concert-performance-party, which looks to open up a space for improvisation, for the freedom to find something that we can metaphorically call “jazz not jazz”. In this space there will be a live band, DJs, dancers and performers from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds exploring the limits of their art forms. JazzBetween offers an activity in six movements where the performance and the live music concert are open to the public, who can participate through improvising and making use of the dance floor, along with the artists.

JazzBetween is a new artist collective and a new platform for promoting the fusion of street dance and jazz, as well as contemporary music and dance, and which creates an open space in which producers, DJs, performers, dancers and musicians from different backgrounds can collaborate. What is interesting about the project is how it updates the relationship between dance and music, between club culture and contemporary forms of performance, sound and movement.

Artistic direction Marina Pravkina / Asistant Adrian Vega / Live musics Claudio Marrero, Xavi Castillo, Tomàs Fosch, Emilio Franco / Dancers guest artists (urban dance, contemporary, jazz and flamenco / Dj Cengiz (Londres, UK) / Speaker Izaskun Ortega i Marina Pravkina