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Despliegue (2001).  Video installation

April from 24 to 28 & 30
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    De 17h a 22h (proyección continua)

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Despliegue is a video installation created by La Ribot on 2001. In it, La Ribot uses in a fragmentary way the elements presented (gestures, poses, vocalizations, objects, costumes, texts and videos) in the 34 first “distinguished pieces”, which could be seen “live” in Panoramix. For 45 minutes, La Ribot recovers key gestures, poses and their variations to build a multicolored composition altarpiece. The performance was filmed without interruption, from the beginning to the end, thanks to two cameras: the first installed on the ceiling, about five meters from the ground, and the second at the hands of La Ribot. The attention of the spectators is divided between a bird’s eye view and a very different perspective, which the artist attributes to the “eyes of the body”.

Despliegue conveys sumptuous and strange grandiosity, and provides visual pleasure from an eclectic selection of everyday objects and an eccentric repertoire of physical actions. The work summarizes about ten years of experimentation beyond the borders of dance, the art of performance and installation in a cycle of forty-five minutes.