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CIRC D’ARA MATEIX: Workshop ‘Bodies at Risk’

From April 25 to 29 and from May 2 to 6
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    De 10 h a 18 h

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    Deadline for applications: April 3

Open call to select 12 circus performers and dance/movement creators, to participate in a workshop of artistic experimentation at the crossroads of both arts, with François Juliot and Thomas Hauert.

The Mercat de les Flors and La Central del Circ have been collaborating since 2016 within Circ d’Ara Mateix program, proposing artistic and collaborative workshops for sharing tools, methodologies and knowledge between the two disciplines. Based on what brings together and differentiates the practices of circus and dance / movement, bridges are sought to reflect on the dramaturgies that emerge from the body, movement and relationship with others, space, and objects. From this point, this year we’ve proposed two creators to accompany 12 artists to live the body, their way of experimenting and expressing their particularity. It is, however, a corporality that is aware of the presence of another, that allows to affect and being affected, in a shared time and space. In this co-presence, objects can become mediators and catalysts for a common language that seeks collective narratives and dramaturgies. The workshop will be led by François Juliot, circus creator, and Thomas Hauert, dancer and choreographer, who will put the BODIES AT RISK to experiment with different ways of creating collectively.

François Juliot proposes a game between rehearsal and joy to create movement inside and aroundbodies, a dialogue between  the everyday and the fantastic, the person and the artist, the image and gesture, the interior and the exterior, circus and dance. In the laboratory, the person will be related to the others, the space and the objects. Personal characteristics will be used: weight, strength, flexibility, personality, emotion, intellect… to make creative and generous dances. A path between learning and experience, an accompaniment from the technical knowledge of the body and the scene to the dramatic writing.

Thomas Hauert will focus the workshop on the movement composition and connection at a distance, with the idea of creating a single organism that transcends the sum of the individuals. This form of choreography unfolds without the intervention of a central authority but appears as a dynamic system that integrates the unpredictable behaviour of the participants. At the beginning, a series of physical principles will be shared that define certain relationships in space, time, and form, which, once
incorporated, will be used freely and responsibly to implement individual movements within the structures of the group. The resulting game is highly kinetic and a real cognitive and physical challenge in which intuition plays a key role: a neurophysiological faculty that develops through experience.

The workshop will be conducted in English and / or French.

Further information and requirements HERE.