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CIRC D’ARA MATEIX 2015-16. The Training

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Central del Circ and Mercat de les Flors

The Central del Circ and the Mercat de les Flors announced a call to select eight professional circus and dance artists (four in each discipline) who would participate in training and laboratories lying at the intersection of the two arts, with six weeks’ training between January and April 2016.


During each week of this cycle there has been a workshop guided by a circus or dance professional, for example Peter Jasko, Roberto Olivan, Alessandro Sciarroni, Roberto Magro, Jean-Michel Guy, Blaï Mateu, Florent Bergal and Mauro Paccagnella. 


Dance and circus get together to share a research experience. What are the potential dramaturgies, the aesthetic concerns that may arise from the meeting of four dancers and four circus performers?

The three laboratories run by Florent Bergal, Roberto Magro and Blaï Mateu are a unique opportunity for artists and spectators to approach circus and dance from another point of view, in an interesting search for stimuli prompting poetic reflection.

Those selected for training will also take part in the LABORATORIES. These will take place on three different days, one per week:

  • 1st week: 11 to 15 April, laboratory with Florent Bergal. The result of this work will be presented in the OM auditorium on Saturday 16 April. Admission fee €5. Book your ticket
  • 2nd week: 18 to 22 April, laboratory with Roberto Magro. The result of this work will be presented in different spaces in the Mercat on Saturday 23 April. Admission fee €5. Book your ticket
  • 3rd week: 25 to 29 April, laboratory with Blaï Mateu. The result of this work will be presented in the PB auditorium on Saturday 30 April. Admission fee €5. Book your ticket

The participants at workshops and laboratories are

Joan Català Carrasco, Koldo Arostegui, Julie Bergez, Raquel Gualtero Soriano, Wanja Kahlert, Eva Leonor Ordoñez, Anna Pascual Fernández and Roser Tutusaus.