May 11


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DANIEL LINEHAN presents Zombie Aporia

Time: 20:30
Length: 50 minutes

sessio6_linehan_350x200Zombie means living dead and aporia, a logical contradiction. On first impression this piece may seem like a rock concert: on the stage, a trio with the disorderly energy of fans in ecstasy or a disjointed choir links together sequences of singing and dancing, as brief as the songs on an album. Playing with the possibilities of this framework, the three dancers explore the ambivalent relationship between body and voice, dance and music, gesture and language.


Daniel Linehan. Dancer and choreographer, he carried out research in P.A.R.T.S. before definitely setting up home in Brussels. His has danced for Miguel Gutiérrez and the Big Art Group, Mark Haim and Wil Swanson. He has worked with Michael Helland in numerous duos, presented in New York, Philadelphia and Montreal. In 2007-2008 he was a resident artist at Movement Research (New York).

In his work Daniel Linehan uses the resources of language to enrich his enquiry into movement. Meaning emerges from a flow of diverse information of a narrative, emotional, textual, visual and physical character, which is organized onstage.

Daniel Linehan created the solo Digested Noise in 2004 (Dance Theater Workshop, New York). The quintet The Sun Came (Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn), and Human Content Pile, for four dancers (The Kitchen, New York), were presented in 2006. Zombie Aporia is his latest work.

Information about the show

Choreography Daniel Linehan
Performers Daniel Linehan, Salka Ardal Rosengren, Thibault Lac
Lighting design Brian Broeders
Technical management Elke Verachtert
Voice trainer Jonas Cole
Dissemination Damien Valette (
Production and dissemination Belga Caravan Production

JAUME FERRETE presents Voz Mal

Time: 21:35
Length: 50 minutes


Hi, I’m a young white man. Imagine you don’t have a prick – or it’s always limp – and your vocal chords are broken: no prick or voice. Margaret Thatcher trains her voice and the King of England trains his voice. I’m not a true Catalan and this is not my real voice. And as if we were paying a price for speaking, whenever we swallow anything we run the risk of choking to death.

Voz Mal is a discursive, musical journey through the uses, functions and accidents of the voice; and also the onstage adaptation of the music album with the same name.


Jaume Ferrete. His recent work is based on the uses, functions and accidents of the voice. In the field of visual arts he has exhibited at the gallery Estrany de la Mota in Barcelona and at Urban Video Project in New York. He holds a Masters in Communication and Art Criticism from the University of Girona and a Masters in Sound Art from the University of Barcelona. He has also trained at the Escola Leandre Cristòfol in Lleida. In the field of performing arts and music, he has appeared at the Antic Teatre and the LEM Festival in Barcelona, as well as in Poetas por Km2 in Madrid, among other venues. He has received recognition though grants from CONCA 2012, Barcelona Producció, and the Helsinki International Artist in Residence Programme. He has written for the art magazine A-Desk, TEXTO, and the Revista Musical Catalana. Since 2008, he has been co-coordinator of the sound pedagogics project Sons de Barcelona, initiated by the Music Technology Group at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Information about the show

Idea, coordination, voice, electronics Jaume Ferrete
Drums, voice, electronics Gerard Ortín



Useful information

Season: 2012-2013

May 11

50' + break 15' + 50'

Sala MAC



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