Ofertes de treball i altres convocatòries


Application Form

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1. Specify if you are natural person or legal entity

2. Applicant personal data

The postal address will be the one used for notifications. In the case that the applicant represents a group, it will be necessary to complete the section 9.

In any case, the grant will be fully screwed in the name of the applicant. In the event that the application i son behalf of a LEGAL PERSON, the following must be indicated:

3. The project

4. Modality for which the candidature is presented

(Choose only one of the options, if you want to present yourself in more than one modality it is necessary to fill in the form for each modality) *

5. Statement of compliance

The undersigned declares

6. I can prove when it will be necessary

7. Attached documentation

Pugeu des del vostre ordinador la següent documentació en format PDF:

URLs to previous Works (maximum of 3)

Specify the type of space requested (G Studio, MT Studio, M Studio, accommodation, etc.), and the period requested.

Working dates at the Graner will be agreed with the artist based on their request and the availability of the centre’s spaces.

8. Idiomes

In the interlocution for the processing of the candidacy for the grant I can use the following languages:

9. Only for non-legal entity groups

Appoints the applicant detailed in the header of this form as the representative of the group to comply with the foregoing as beneficiary as required.

Group members besides the applicant: