El projecte artístic del Mercat de les Flors

The Mercat’s Artistic Project


The Mercat de les Flors is both a driving force and hub for the promotion of movement arts. It plays a key role to ensure the establishment of first-rate companies and audiences for dance and similar arts. To achieve this, the dance house joins forces with other key players and Catalan, Spanish and international institutions, both in public and private spheres, in the fields of contemporary thought and culture

The Mercat can be defined by its values: a conscious innovator and transverse co-operator, vocationally international, rigorously sustainable, socially committed and organisationally flexible.

Below are the five guidelines that shape the Mercat de les Flors’ artistic project for the duration of the 2012-2015 contract-programme:

1. Putting forward benchmarks and exemplary models

We aim to provide continued support for up-and-coming talent, artists with signature styles and with potential for growth, establishing benchmarks that are in line with the Mercat’s brand identity so as to create stable links with associated artists and resident companies. We also intend to flex our memory and construct a shared collective imaginary. We hope to achieve a balance between several artistic lines: contemporary dance, popular dance, family projects, integrated dance, new dramaturgies, contemporary circus and signature pieces.

2. Promoting participation

We seek to promote audience participation, attendance at our venues and involvement in social mediation, cultural action and community arts initiatives. We aim to maintain a high attendance rate to proposed shows whilst also promoting community and social projects, with a particular emphasis on cultural diversity and citizenship building. We will also embrace new tendencies such as promoting co-creation with users, exchanges amongst creators and the role of the active spectator.

3. Increasing knowledge

Our mission is to draw up a course of action that will generate ties with education and research institutions at all levels so as to bring about indispensable empowerment and transformation. Moreover, we aim to find new ways of bringing together creators and audiences through diverse educational actions. We wish to open up various stages of the creative process and set up dance lab opportunities, experiences and experimentation that will lead us to rethink our learning spaces as well as making them available to the community at large. A central component of this guideline will be publications, conferences, talks and the production of educational material, either in print, audiovisual or digital format.

4. Boosting creativity

For the duration of this period, we aim to support a model that prioritises innovation, creativity, talent and effort. Values we believe to be crucial in the 21st century. In order to promote creativity, we will need to set up actions that encourage freedom to experiment, with a particular focus on young people and the relationship between artist and audience. Key tools to achieve this will be residencies and co-production projects that will also serve to build relationships for the projection and dissemination of talent.

5. Organizing a sustainable system

We aim to raise the maximum amount of in-house funds, whenever possible contributing quality content, and achieving a good balance between other entities and associations, both in the private and public sectors. In this new period, emphasis will be placed on networking, and production and touring support. Indeed, the Mercat de les Flors will have an active role in placing performances on dance circuits and it will publicise them to the best of its ability in all the areas that fall within its scope.

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