Dansa Desbordada - Mercat de les Flors 2018-19

Presentation Season 2018-19

Unbounded dance

We live in such a strange age, caught up in accelerated times and a multiplied space that no longer seems human, saturated with images, events, and data: our hyperactive senses cannot cope with so much information. Dance must prevail, we need the body, a human here and now, natural high technology to cope with a reality that threatens to overwhelm us.

This year the dance we present is unbounded, going beyond bodies, formats, disciplines, spaces, times, audiences and ideas. And in this breaking of boundaries and breaking of new ground, in this overflow, it blurs its limits by creating and making visible unexpected territories, undisciplined voices, surprising dialogues and indeterminate frameworks that are not easily catalogued, showing the infinite possibilities that creation has of capturing and transforming reality, inventing futures, sensing paths, projecting desires.

This season we present new projects of our own production such as Cèl·lula, an embryonic scheme for transmission and creation whose goal is the production of medium- and large-format pieces. We are launching it with Flamingos, a piece by Albert Quesada, the first guest on the project. Local contemporary creation will be represented by names such as Roser López Espinosa, Thomas Noone, La Veronal, Vero Cendoya, Asun Noales and Jesús Rubio Gamo, among others.

We will also be able to enjoy shows on a large scale in the hands of companies such as Batsheva with Venezuela, the latest piece by Ohad Naharin; Achterland, an essential work in the Rosas repertoire; or 10,000 gestes, by Boris Charmatz, with 24 dancers onstage. And essential names that have broken away from the old formats and shaken up the dance scene, such as Meg Stuart and Marlene Monteiro Freitas, recent winners at the Venice Biennial of the Golden Lion and Silver Lion respectively.

We will have artisanal dance, body writing that invents new alphabets and generates new vocabulary, recent languages, new codes inscribed on surprising bodies in disconcerting movement; because dance flows and is transformed and uses the body as an instrument, a body that changes as it changes, dance flows and is transformed and uses the body as an instrument, a body that changes just as the way we look at these bodies and their world changes; bodies in movement that continuously extend their limits of presentation and representation.

The season also goes beyond its usual pulse with the different constellations included in the programming. We already introduced the concept of constellations last season: this is a programme organised around one or more artists who will invite us to explore their creative universes and the relationships that they irradiate, a small expansion of the creative map and its dance artists.

The constellation revolving around Boris Charmatz offers us the chance to see one of the great creators of contemporary French dance in Barcelona for the first time; and there will also be a retrospective constellation featuring La Ribot, a unique opportunity in our country to know his work, which shows a unique creation of a great artist who has overflowed all the scenic and conceptual formats of dance.

Escarlata Circus will set up camp for two weeks at the Mercat de les Flors and we have also  invited both the Big Bouncers group and the duo formed by Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol to deploy constellations around themselves and show us their delicatessen.

And as usual, we are offering a generous programme in one size so that all the family and intergenerational groups can enjoy dance together. This is accompanied by concurrent family activities.

We should also mention the projects we run to work with the community, such as Trigger of Happiness, a show with teenagers that will open the season.

As an complement to the programming we have prepared workshops for active audiences that offer different ways of approaching the artists, as well as special activities, internships, lectures and debates so that visitors can become better acquainted with and discover other ways of enjoying the programme offered by the Mercat de les Flors and the participating artists.

The Mercat as a venue in itself also breaks its boundaries this year and leaves the building to present part of the programming at other cultural institutions such as the MNAC, the MACBA and the Sala Hiroshima.

Last but not least, we have decided to present a final IDN Plus as a tribute to its director, Núria Font. The IDN festival, which has been held five times at the Mercat de les Flors, is an event featuring international dance, image and new technologies.

We suggest a series of itineraries that you will find described at the end of this catalogue. These are intended to help you make a selection in case you do not know all the artists but want to discover them with us. Come on and take a gamble during this season of unbounded dance!

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