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Presentation of the Season 2019-20


With the arrival of autumn, we launch the 2019/20 season, which will bring you new works and artists to be discovered, within the framework of a varied programme intended to connect with the public’s wide-ranging aesthetics and sensitivities. What we refer to as present-day creation, contemporary repertoire, independent productions, consists of a variety of shows as distinct as each one of their architects.

Although we now form part of a highly globalized culture, the particular region in which this global culture is absorbed and develops affects and contextualizes any creation. The context is crucial for the creator and sometimes also to understand the show. Each artist interprets and distils the world around them through their work, which confronts us with their particular worldview, often serving as a mirror that reveals other facets of reality.

Sometimes horror becomes humour, eccentricity or beauty, beauty that moves us, humour that accepts error, eccentricity that make us think; all this is intended to humanize the world and to share its complexity.

Dance and Territory

Shared territories _ Diverse perspectives

This is the name given to the thematic thread that runs through the season.

The programming of this thematic content is an invitation to explore works that offer other perspectives and provoke a change of outlook. Shows that offer a unique experience, works that present dance, the body and the skin as a testimony, as a source of hope.

You will discover artists capable of communicating something revealing and perhaps unforgettable. We present artists with very different backgrounds to ours, such as Lia Rodrigues, Robyn Orlin and Bruno Beltrão, and others from close-by, who share the same reality but have the ability to shift our gaze to disclose other visions, such as Christian Rizzo, Maguy Marin, Societat Doctor Alonso, Roger Bernat, Andrés Corchero, Marina Mascarell and Quim Bigas.

And you will find pieces that give dance with old roots a contemporary twist by bringing together traditional languages and a modern approach: works such as Erritu, by Kukai Dantza with Sharon Fridman, Un cuerpo infinito, by Olga Pericet, and Doce, by Juan Carlos Lérida, the first part of a larger project, La liturgia de las horas, which the Mercat is supporting.

We have also decided to re-programme some particularly successful pieces by local choreographers and so give the public another opportunity to enjoy these works. Once again you’ll be able to see the latest solo by Pep Ramis – Mal Pelo, Flamingos by Albert Quesada, Set of Sets by Guy Nader and Maria Campos, and Novembre by Roser López Espinosa, and with Roger Bernat we will celebrate his tenth year on tour with La consagració de la primavera.

We think it necessary to achieve a balance between production and dissemination and give more visibility to the creators, because each work contains the latent possibility of becoming something else, each work demands to be shared and only when we appropriate it do we close the circle.


There will be two constellations. One features Societat Doctor Alonso, who will appear in different shows throughout the season – always surprising, transgressive pieces, prepared from subtle perspectives.

The other constellation stars Lia Rodrigues, a Brazilian choreographer whom we have seen on several occasions at the Mercat de les Flors. Resident in the Maré favela in Rio de Janeiro since 2004, she uses art and creativity as a tool for social commitment.

Constellations situate the artists in a map of relationships; they open up the artists’ private universes while also making their links visible. Constellations show that artists do not work alone or start from scratch. Within the constellations we present the artists in relation to the people they work with, the generation they belong to, their references, the place where they work, their ideas, themes, languages, questions, research… each constellation is intended to describe the time and space travelled and condensed into a piece.

Festivals and programmes

Every season the Mercat hosts and collaborates with various festivals that focus on specific content. This year we host new editions of El Més Petit de Tots, Hacer Historia(s) vol III, HOP, Àfrica Moment and SÂLMON, among others. In addition, as happens every two years, we will be presenting our CIRC D’ARA MATEIX.

Educational programmes and expanded programming

Throughout the season and in parallel with its main programming, the Mercat organises a very varied programme of activities that offer a broader enjoyment of the artistic fact and its processes, a programme designed for audiences of all the ages. These include theoretical approaches, practical experiences, publications, debates … new formats emerge each season.

The programme includes a series of thematic itineraries that will help to guide your choice.

More dance

Dance has the possibility, through the movement and gestures of the body, of establishing and invoking a direct relationship with emotion. The movement is the result of thought unexpressed in words, of rapid intuition that is not decoded by the conscious brain.

Thus, the dance and the dancer sometimes have the privilege of revealing something nameless, something deeper, which has a special, inexplicable impact on us.

Today, in the epoch of post-truth and the simplification of thought into fast, reactive responses, words sound empty to us, they have lost their ties with reality, they fly alone and polluted in a virtual space that seeks to impose itself.

People who make dance their means of communication and expression often agree that dance does not tell lies. This idea has many nuances but, stretching the poetics of the affirmation, we could say that we feel that the body is a refuge and a tool, a safe space and place of trust in the face of uncertainty… and that movement takes an honest path.

Àngels Margarit, director of the Mercat de les Flors


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