From 15 January to 6 February 2022

Dance and Music in conversation is a series in which three musician/composer and dancer/choreographer pairings present pieces in which the dialogue between these two disciplines becomes their very creative content. This is a living dialogue that evolves and morphs with every performance, as it springs from different listening and communication ideas and tools, imbuing each piece with instantaneous, unique formalization.

Each of the series’ pairings of creators works with and researches into different methodologies or non-methodologies. Each and every pairing shapes its own individual world, landscapes and “languages”. There is an art to and art in the conversations, as they are living conversations that feed on what runs through the artists and their daily creative processes.

This series is complemented by two community outreach LABS: one by Emma Villavecchia, aimed at dancers and musicians and based on the polyrhythmic structure of her piece Rítmia, and another offering three hands-on practical sessions led by each pairing of creators.

LAB with Emma Villavecchia

LAB with three pairing of creators

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