Music moves us and makes us move; we have all experienced this in our own body. Our feet which, without further ado, start to tap to the beat of the song being played is just a small sign of this strong bond. But dance and music have related to each other in very different ways and not always as a reflex action. Indeed, the reflection on the interaction between dance and music has opened up a range of possibilities before them – and before us, as spectators – where each entity’s colours are heightened by the contact with the other entity.

This relationship of mutual support and equality between music and dance relies on close encounter on the stage, where dancers and musicians breathe the same air, listen to each other, look at each other and perform, all at the same time. This is what all the proposals of this Dance and Music itinerary share and which take us to very diverse poetics: from Highlands, the piece with which Mal Pelo culminates his research on Bach, to Jonas & Lander playing the role of fado archaeologists in Bate fado to find the dance that accompanied these songs of melancholy. Or the encounter between the dancer Natalia Jiménez and the pianist Jordina Millà in a scenic self-portrait based on the work of Virginia Woolf. Or the Spanish music of Romances inciertos, taking in Sephardic music and jotas almost in the same breath, as François Chaignaud and Nino Laisné shift the melodies from one instrument to another.

Flamenco is perhaps the artistic expression that has done most to keep alive the flame of this encounter between dance and music on the stage, no doubt thanks to the popular roots that it has not lost, so it too has its place in this itinerary. In this case, however, with the flamenco of Israel Galván, an outstanding creator of contemporary flamenco who never fails to impress. This time, he is accompanied by Niño de Elche in Mellizo Doble and by Eduarda de los Reyes in a reinterpretation of Amor Brujo, where he changes the orchestra for a piano (played by Alejandro Rojas-Marcos) and the voice of David Lagos.

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